ASG Service Centre

General Mechanical
& Servicing

Catering for all makes and models we offer a wide range of vehicle servicing from general and  logbook servicing to performance servicing.



ASG Service Centre offers a range of different car servicing from Performance to General and Logbook Servicing.


Here at ASG Service Centre we provide aircon services such as Aircon Regassing as well as Heating repairs.

Tyre & Brake

ASG Service Centre takes your safety seriously! Brakes and Tyres are a crucial part to your safety whilst out on the road.


Come in and see our staff at ASG Service Centre for your Auto Electrical needs. No job is too big at ASG Service Centre!


ASG Service Centre can assess, repair and/or provide replacements for any cooling systems.


We offer a range of services to help customers maintain their vehicles & keep their cars on the road!

About Us

ASG Motorsports has been founded by Aaron Gregory, formerly the original owner of In Tune Performance and ITP Race Cars Pty Ltd.

ASG Motorsports is a leader in performance vehicle tuning, we have a fully equipped workshop with an onsite dyno. We also offer a full range of general mechanical services.