Here at ASG Service Centre we provide a range of different servicing to suite your needs! Please see below the different types of services. For more information stop in and see our friendly staff at ASG Service Centre or call (07) 5665 8674. Email us at aaron@intuneperformance.com.au for any logbook service enquiries.


Semi - Synthetic Essential Service

  • Uses 10w - 40 Semi Synthetic oil. Suitable for most vehicles.

  • Suitable for diesel cars up to 2012.

  • Includes - oil change, Ryco oil fitter and labour to perform service.


Full Synthetic Essential Service

  • ​Uses 5w - 30 Fully Synthetic oil.

  • Suitable for diesel vehicles built after 2012

  • Includes - oil change, Ryco filter and labour to perform service. 



LS Performance Service

  • Uses Penrite 10 Tenths Racing oil.

  • TR6 spark plugs.

  • Ryco oil filter premium grade.

  • Labour to perform service.



Logbook Servicing

  • All Logbook servicing is quoted individually. Please call us on (07) 5665 8674.